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European International Submarine Races - July 15, 2014

Winners Announced in Europe’s Human Powered Submarine Races

"The week-long European International Submarine Races organised by the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science & Technology (IMarEST) and hosted by QinetiQ in its Ocean Basin at Haslar , UK - Europe’s biggest covered water freshwater space - resulted in Omer 9 from École de Technologies Supérieure Montreal in Canada winning this event for the second time. Ten teams from universities on three continents took part in the biennial races."     Read More »

Fabricating & Metalworking - June 19, 2014

Human Powered Submarine Team Produces 3D-Printed Propeller

"Most recently, a unique opportunity presented itself when the University of Michigan’s Human Submarine Team contacted Burton Precision to enlist some assistance in dealing with some CAD issues related to producing a propeller for a submarine that is designed and built by students."     Read More »

Discovery News - December 12, 2012

Work It! Human-Powered Machines: Photos

"The first designs for a human-powered sub date to the 16th century, and there was one -- the Confederate submarine H.L. Hunley -- that made an appearance during the Civil War. More recently teams of engineering students have been building one-man versions designed for drivers in SCUBA gear, powered by rear propellers."     Read More »

Michigan Daily - December 4, 2012

Campus Club: Human Powered Submarine Team

"If you break out singing the Beatles’ “Yellow Submarine” during a meeting of the University’s Human Powered Submarine team, prepare for some backlash. With 22 active members, the HPS team is constantly in the process of building, modifying and testing a single-person, pedal-powered submarine. The sub is used to compete against teams from around the world at the annual International Submarine Races, and yes, it’s yellow."     Read More »