The Race

The Michigan Human-Powered Submarine Team competes in two different races that alternate every year. In July 2018, the team will be bringing the sub to Gosport, England to race in the European International Submarine Race.

European International Submarine Races

From their website: "The fourth biennial European International Submarine Race (eISR) will take place from the 3rd to the 12th of July 2018 in Gosport, England. Teams of University students will race their human-powered submarines against the clock around a demanding slalom course in a unique sporting and engineering challenge.

The basic rules of the sport are straightforward - teams must design, build and race flooded submarines piloted by a single scuba diver, who must be fully enclosed within the hull of the machine. All propulsion power must be provided by the diver during the race (i.e. no energy storage devices such as flywheels or batteries are allowed), but otherwise the design rules are open to whatever innovation teams decide to use.

International Submarine Races

From their website: "The first human-powered International Submarine Race TM (ISR) was held in 1989 at Singer Island off Riveria Beach, Florida and drew 17 boats. The 1995 design competition, ISR 4, was the first in a controlled environment and was held at the NAVAL Surface Warface Center (NSWC) - Carderock Division. NSWC Carderock has graciously hosted the races every other year since, and it has growth to 19 teams competing in 2013 with 21 boats entered.

Each team must develop a one or two-person "Wet" submarine. Both crew members breathe SCUBA from the air supply carried aboard. Each sub is unique, designed from "scratch," and relies upon novel techniques for propulsion and guidance.The International Submarine Race's TM specific goals are:

  • To inspire students of the various engineering disciplines to delve into broad areas of underwater technology advancement and to provide them an educational experience that translates their theoretical knowledge into reality.
  • To foster advances in subsea vehicle hydrodynamic, propulsion and life support systems.
  • To increase public awareness of the challenges people face in working in and exploring the ocean depths.

Contestants include universities, high schools, individuals and research labs. Various awards are given out at each ISR, including ones for best overall performance, innovation, speed, speed by category, best use of composite materials and spirit of the race."     Read More ยป

In the ISR 14, The Michigan Human-Powered Submarine completed their first successful run in four years. We would like to thank our hard-working team members and sponsors!